Is Your Domain Optimized So That It Stands Out From The Crowd!!

SEO do you really need to use this and what is its function

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental. And  vital so that the  SEO will help you position your website properly and in good standing to be found at the most important points in the buying process or when people/customers visit your site.

The goal of Sound SEO isn’t to fool the search engines. The aims of the SEO are to:

Provide a nice flawless customer experince
Communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for the relevant searches you are looking for.

Do search engines look for content.

Search engines want to do their tasks as quick as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user/customer  is looking for. So how is this done?

It’s determined by the text,theme and titles,plus descriptions that are given by a domain.

Performance: How fast is your site and does it work properly?

Backlinks/Rank: Has the domain/page got really good interesting content that links to another high ranking websites or cites information that is relevant to them that they use it.


Visitors to your site how does it look does it appeal to them or service their needs? Is it easy to navigate around? Does it look safe? for money transactions and to leave their details if needed as there are a lot of spoof websites out there.

Does it have a high bounce rate? In other words are there to many ADS on the site, that when  you get visitors to your website it takes longer for them to reach the content of your site,as this can work against your website in terms of ranking.

Make sure your URLs read well Your URL should be readable and make sense.
It doesn’t need to be spot on, but the content that you would expect to see on the page should be clear. A good test is to see if your URL reflects your page title.

Keywords within content/ Keywords are important.

They are how search engines link what people are searching for to the content ranked for those searches. It’s the crossing between the intent of the searcher/buyer and the information shown on-page. You need to make sure that the keywords you want to rank for are included in the first 100 words of content. or blog or description of a  item you are describing/selling.


Keeping the content on point and on on a single topic per page will create information where the keywords have a good standing with what you are writing/selling, so will have a better chance of it been picked up.
This gives a strong indication to Google/Yahoo and Bing what the Domain/page is about and therefore what it should rank for.


Now for content details most people say 500 words is good enough for content on a page,but you can write more if you wish more is not a bad thing.Because sometimes you will have to included a lot more content to describe a product or the information you are sharing with your readers/customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg Ref the SEO tools that are available to anyone who wishes to rank their website better on the  Vast Highway called the internet.

Just a few tips & tricks for anyone wanting to improve the ranking of their website..

Wishing you success..


Enterprising Spirit

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